Excellent4.8 out of 5

Height Charts

Inspired by our own children Wall Art have designed and created their own height charts which are exclusive to Wall Art. All the height charts are lovingly designed and produced in the studio in Devon. It is a great addition to the nursery or children’s bedroom.

Our colourful height chart stickers add a touch of contemporary sophistication and humour to a room. They are imaginative and allow you and your child to explore their height and growth in a playful way.

All of our Wall Art Height Charts come with sets of markers which can be written on to enable you to keep a permanent record of your child’s growth. A lovely memory to look back on over the years!

All of our Height Charts are exclusive to Wall Art and can be personalised to you and your little ones. They are a decorative and colourful addition to your home. No young family should be without one!!